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Hennepin, Illinois

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F: 815.925.7029
PLM Crane Features
  • High power using Cat or Cummins diesel engine. (Electric also available)
  • 5000 psi hydraulic system running at 2500 psi.
  • High capacity hydraulic cooler, 50% of the engine horsepower.
  • No frictions, no brakes
  • Oil filtering on pressure and low pressure side.
  • Closed loop hydraulics, one pump for each function of the crane.
  • Oversized slew bearing with large rolling elements
  • Automatic lubrication systems.
  • Self-contained to retain any spilled fluids inside the machinery house.
  • Cast steel sheaves with aluminum bronze bushings.
  • All wire ropes contained on one layer on the drums.
  • Enhanced cab with heating, A/C and CD player.
  • 260 fpm hoisting speed under full load.
  • 350 fpm lowering speed.
  • Several undercarriage options are available
  • PLMs are extreme duty cycle cranes built exclusively for dredging and barge/ship unloading. PLMs are three drums with two wire ropes from each drum. One drum is holding, one is closing, and the third is for the boom. One rope is right lay, the other is left lay with two wires for holding and two wires for closing. Using this system, the clam can be lowered to more than 100ft below the base of the crane without spinning and without any

    PLM's unique 3-drum system
    tagline. PLM cranes use only one layer on the drum for holding the wire ropes, including the boom hoist. This ensures that wire ropes will last for more than 1000hrs of use. The drums are driven hydraulically using Mannuesman Rexroth pumps and motors, and Final drives are Lohman.
    Of primary importance is the ease of operation. PLM Cranes have no frictions, no brakes, and no foot pedals. All functions are performed with two joystick controls, including but not limited to barge positioning. Full specifications and details about our cranes are available on request.
    PLM Cranes are available on crawler, rubber tires, pedestal, pontoon, gantry or fixed base platforms, and are available with electric or diesel power. Each crane is custom designed and manufactured to client specifications with their specific application and conditions in mind.